Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shenzhen: The Great and Spacious Building

12 May 2008

Abby and Anne didn't have school this day so we went back to Shenzhen to pick up clothes and what not. This means that I had to get another Chinese Visa so that I could cross the border into Shenzhen. I did and that was a new fun experience. We found out when we got there that there wasn't enough material for my dress so I made the trip for really no purpose and wasted one of the entries I was allowed on my Visa. Boo.

So then we had to find new fabric in "The Great and Spacious Building" as Mom likes to call it. It is quite the place too. Lots of stores for everything imaginable. And if there's a store for dance shoes here, you can bet that there's another dance shoes place somewhere close by. The shoes will be priced differently at each place so you might get a better deal at Store A for black shoes, but a GREAT deal at Store B for green shoes. You really have to look around to find the best price.

And all the while you're looking for the best priced shoes you're getting harassed by every store worker you pass. "Missy, missy" they'll say, and try to show you what they offer: a manicure for 10 HKD, designer bags, watches, movies. You name it. "Missy, Missy!" Yeah, I never want to hear that word again after going to Shenzhen.

This time Abby and I got boyfriends. These two guys were harassing us outside as we were walking in and then found us again after lunch and started talking to us. I didn't realize they were the same harassers and the second time, when they started to make normal conversation, I politely responded back. Until he wouldn't leave me alone! Then Anne and I looked at each other and started busting out the espanol! That's right, we had a simple conversation in Spanish together and eventually the boy left to go harass someone else.

The trick to getting through crazy sellers safely? Speak Spanish or French or a different language that they might not know. They give up pressuring you much more quickly.

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